7 Fabulous Spilled Flower Pots

7 Fabulous Spilled Flower Pots

Homiful.com -- A way to make the home environment even better with pots spilled flowers seems good to try. Unique idea to try. Impressed like a waterfall, will also make the look more attractive.

There are several ways that can be done to make it interesting. I.e. Choosing a place in the house such as a yard, or with a small shape in the house. Second, choose a nice and wide pot to give the illusion of the eyes getting real.

And here are some beautiful flowers that you can try to apply in the yard.

Choose a place


First, you can choose a place that can receive morning and afternoon sunshine. Focus on the middle part of the garden, you can choose a large visible area so that this spilled flower can give a beautiful look.

Choosing the appropriate pot


A large pot like a pot, will make the illusion of spilled flowers more beautiful. You can choose a pot that is large in size. So as to maintain the plant more easily. Make paintings around it to be interesting or by buying the latest pots.

Determine the color of the flower


So that the flower spilled in the yard of the house increasingly make the view fresher. Preferably yellow, white, red or purple flowers. Flowers such as sweet alyssum type that is religious color is also suitable for designing spilled flowers in the environment.

Planting process


If you're going to make a pretty spilled flower. Considerations in making the planting pattern needs to be considered. Dig a hole of soil 1/4 pot in it, so it is easy when going to plant. Don't plant this flower too deeply into the pot to create a real spill.

Determine the right plants


Before making the flower spill. Determine in advance what plants to use. Such as succulent plants, petunia, alyssum to begonia that have tiered crown. Beautiful bush to create a yard in empty house.

Where flowers can grow


Choose cool place without direct sun exposure. You area also advised to choose vines so that the concept spilling looks slick. Don't forget to choose pots with attractive design, such as from natural wood materials.

In the yard or back garden of the house?


Determine where to make spilled flowers like this you can try at home. Between the yard or the back of the house, This will make the environment in the house more springy and beautiful. Use flowers of varied color to eliminate the impression of monotony. 

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