7 Easy, Unexpected Living Room Decorating Ideas

Homiful.com -- Imagine a living room with no decorations. Yes, it's going to be okay. Even with just a set of sofas and coffee tables is enough to keep your living room functional. 

But the living room without some decorations will feel something feel less. That's where the function of the living room decoration, the decoration will complete the look of the living room. The decor will liven up the atmosphere in the living room. It will also beautify the living room. 

If you are worried if adding decorations will make you spend a lot of budge, actually you don't need to over-worry. There are several kinds of easy and inexpensive decorations that can be applied in your living room. Even some of them you can make your own. Just keep reading for 7 Easy, Unexpected Living Room Decorating Ideas


1. Choose decoration with effortless look


An easy example of decoration that has a light or effortless impression is a collection of paintings that weigh less, both in terms of appearance and original weight. This painting becomes a highlight on the wall with this mauve color. The look of this pair of painting is also visually attractive and making this living room more colorful.

2. Buy inexpensive wallpaper


Wallpaper prices can range from the cheapest to the most expensive to $400-$1.000. You get what you pay for. But surely you can choose inexpensive wallpaper as decoration in the living room. 

For example, this damask wallpaper becomes one of the classic and timeless wallpaper pattern. The damask patterns can liven up the atmosphere in your minimalist living room.

3. Infuse life with the plants


Add some pot of greenery that neatly arranged and placed in the center or corners of the room. It will give a cool and fresh inside the living room. Choose plants pot with unique shapes to make the living room have a  more beautiful look.

4. Multi-function partition


If you're using partitions to block space in an open plan design, choose a partition design that also comes with an open shelf and storage cabinet. In addition to the walls, you can arrange decorative ornaments on the partition. 

5. Macramé wall hanging


Macramé is a crafting technique that uses knots to create various textile and artwork. A macramé can be used t make everything from wall hanging. It can also enliven the atmosphere in the living room. You can buy a ready-use macramé wall decor or even make a macramé wall hanging by yourself. You can use simple materials like cotton twine, jute, hemp or yarn. Then imitate the patterns in the tutorial that you can see on some craft sites.

6. Dried flowers


Dried flowers or dried plants can be one of the easy and unexpected decoration options.  Dried flowers can be a focal point in a living room that still looks empty. You can choose a dry plant model with large golden leaves to make your room look luxurious and elegant. 

7. A unique mirror on the wall


The mirror is able to bring out an illusion effect that can make your room look more spacious because of its reflection. Sticking a mirror on the wall of a minimalist living room has its own trick that ideally measures 3/4 of the entire area of the wall. Also adjust the mirror model that you will use to your overall living room style to make the look harmonious.

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