7 Charming Entryways Covered in Flower For Your Home

Homiful.com -- We believe that entering the house greeted by beautiful flowers will bring a great positive impact. At least, tension after work can be slightly reduced and make us relax. Actually, this is not very surprising. Professional Floral Artist, Andy Djati Utomo said that in addition to functional as a room decoration, flowers can also change one's mood. This will make you happier. When feeling happy, positive body hormones will develop well and make the body feel refreshed. 

Well for that we recommend that your entryways be filled with flowers. For inspiration, check out 7 Charming Entryways Covered in Flower For Your Home, here:

Charming Lavender Entryways


Watching these entryways, somehow make you want to sing a song Lavender blue, right? Or maybe not. But beside being beautiful, lavender are famous for their scent that can bring relaxation effect and tranquility. You can plant lavender in the entryways, who knows this can help you become calmer and not feel anxious.

Pretty Flowers Entryways


Research from Rutgers University over 10 months proved that flowers can increase positive emotion in mental health and improve life satisfaction. 

If you have limited space entryways, you can hang some flowers in a hanging media pot around the entrance to the house. Somehow, it makes the house also have better atmosphere.

Stunning Entryway


By placing the beautiful flowers in your entryways it makes the house  look more beautiful and stunning. Moreover, the entryway is equipped with lamp with a dim light that make it look so romantic and give such a warm feeling.  

Fresh Entryway Ideas


Instead of using flowers, you can also design an entryway with small greenery. The walkway is made of tiles in blue and white that make it look so bright. The combination of blue walkways with greenery makes the entryways look cool and fresh.

Entryways Covered in Chinese Honeysuckle


Chinese honeysuckle or Combretum indicum is a vine with red flower cluster and native to tropical Asia. The honeysuckles have a fragrant flower that can attract hummingbird. You can let it grow vines in your canopy to make the area below feel more shady. 

Bougainvillea in Entryway for Lucky Home


In Feng shui studies, Bougainvillea became a plant that is considered to bring good luck that is believed to be able to make the family lasting and harmonious. Bougainvillea is able to grow up to 10 meters high, where the petals look charming, attracting the attention of many people to be planted in their homes.

Vines for Shady Entryway


Try to plant vines or the the bunches dangle down. Vines will make the atmosphere in your entryways feel fresher, even as fresh as a mini forest.

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