7 Beautiful Flower For Window

7 Beautiful Flower For Window

Homiful.com -- There area many ways to make beautiful plants outdoor besides on the ground. You can make it hang or stick to the bottom of the house window. This is often done to get a fresh summer when the sun rises.

Besides having it without free change, you can choose media to plants suitable for the outdoor area. Well here's a beautiful flower for the window of the house that you can imitate.

With an elongated box near the window


Place outdoors, hyacinth plants with other types of plants provide freshness to the house. placing it outdoor is an interesting idea with a considerable amount of light intensity. Choose a type of plant that is resistant to hot weather so that it is not easy to die.

Hanging plants with urban jungle concept


If you are a lover of ornamental plants that have leaves only. This is a beautiful concept to apply at home. Switch to the inside of the house, various hanging plants are chosen to refresh the room. In the window, the owner chooses a strong cactus with a beautiful little pot.

Shady and refreshing


It is appropriate that plant can be around the house, Create an elongated box design following the window. You can choose  beautiful flowering vines such as alyssum with varied flowers.

Springing in a beautiful


This timeless flower is perfect to fill the empty space under the window of the house. The velvet flowers will continue until summer comes and will fall in pleasant shade.

Plant window near sink


Take a quick look with douglasii's olsynium plant in the kitchen area. Choose a pot that can provide a strong deposition for the stems, leaves and also flower. Near the window also affects plant to grow more fertile.

Champed between the two windows


This plant is chosen by growing vines to be easily champed on both sides of the window. Add with a small flower plant from Portulaca Oleracea L she has many colors such as red, yellow, purple, pink and also fanta. Thrive in various seasons especially in winter.

Vines or hanging plants. Choose which?


You can choose what plants are suitable for decorating windows at home. Can choose vines or hanging plants without flowers. Besides it will give a beautiful impression, any type of plants is certainly suitable in all seasons with a certain classification of plants that do not like summer or like winter only.

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