6 Ways to Separate The Kitchen

Homiful.com -- The modern house design is identical to a spacious house with an attractive design. The placement of neatly arranged interiors makes the occupants of the house more freely in their activities. Including with the arrangement of the room. Now, the arrangement of the room can be used in one long and spacious room. Usually starting from the living room, family room, dining room and kitchen. Separators between places based on their usefulness sometimes just by using the interior arrangement of the decorating used. Similarly, the kitchen placement is mistly connected to the main room or living room. However many ways are used to separate the kitchen from other rooms. Here's a review of 6 ways to separate the kitchen, let's take a look together.

Using a Large U-Shaped Kitchen Set


Using a large kitchen set with a layout that is made as if covering the room used as a kitchen, makes the kitchen seem to have a private room. In fact, this kitchen is in one room connected to the living room. This U-shaped kitchen arrangement can separate between the kitchen and other spaces.

Differences Between Walls and Kitchen Ceilings and Other Rooms


More overhanging walls with different ceilings can be a separator between the kitchen and other rooms such as the living room. The living room, which is usually connected to the outdoor garden, makkes the look of this interconnected room so attractive. The design of the kitchen wall made like a special room makes the kitchen separate from the living room, although it remains with a look that is so visible.

Barrier Wall as Separator


Walls are used to separate one room from another. So is the kitchen. Special rooms can be separated from other rooms such as living rooms by using walls. The dividing wall can be designed to fully cover between roomrs, or it can also be by using a half-designed wall to make the room more visible next to it.

Separating the Kitchen with a Luxurious Dining Table


The design of the kitchen set with a luxurious dining table is very suitable for the concept of a luxury house. A luxurious dining table can be a separator between the kitchen and other spaces. The design of a luxury room, usually contains one large room without a partition that is used as a living room, living room and kitchen. Thus making the look of the house more spacious. Therefore, the placement of a luxurious dining table can be used as a separator.

Using Different Lights


The difference in the use of lamps between rooms can be a separator between the kitchen and other rooms. The kitchen that is interconnected with other rooms further minimizes the place can be separated by using different lights. Different light designs between rooms can further demonstrate different functions between rooms.

Dining Table as Separator


The dining table can be used to separate the kitchen from other rooms. The placement of the dining table in front of the kitchen makes the kitchen look more detached even though the reality is still in one room. A long dining table can minimize the room so that there is no need to use the sealing wall between rooms.

That's 6 ways to separate the kitchen. You can get creative for the beauty of the interior design, arrangement of the house according to your wishes. Separation of the kitchen with other rooms can be done in a variety of ways. In addition to the 6 ways above, you can separate the kitchen by using shelves, boards or anything interesting and suitable for your home. Hopefully the above article is useful for you.

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