6 Ways to Make Your Front Door Fabulous

Homiful.com -- A fabulous front door will definitely improve the image of a house. Fellow interior designer Karen Howes say that the front door can say so much about the owner.  It can be strict and formal or relaxed and welcoming.  The front door also makes a first and last impression on the visiting guests. Because every time they enter the house, of course they will find the front door.  

But, if you have a standard front door, you don't have to be discouraged. Fortunately, there are tons of ideas to make the front door more attractive. Starting from a cheap and inexpensive way to a complicated and expensive way. Let's check out the review about 6 Ways to Make Your Front Door Fabulous, below:

1. Repainting Your Front Door


Painting the front door is an easy and inexpensive way to make your front door fabulous. You can repaint it with selected colors that suit the concept of the house. For example, if you want to have a bright farmhouse door decor, you can repaint your front door in pink. Add some decorations around the door, such as flowers, doormat, lantern and pumpkin. These decorations will attract and give good first impression to the first-time visitor of a farmhouse.

2. Put out some planters


Yes, add color to the front door will magically make the front door more attractive. But other than that, by adding some greenery will help the home looks fresh and more inviting. Buy some plants and placed them on white pot. The white and green things will boost up the atmosphere in the front door.


3. Add An Iron Door Gate


This way is quite expensive and need special attention to details to make it happen. You can add an extra iron door/gate in front or behind the front door. Placed behind the door for the purpose of adding privacy when the main door is opened. Meanwhile, it is placed in front of the main door with the aim of adding aesthetic value to the door. This extra iron door have a beautiful shape that make the front door look so stylish.

4. Pick a Simple and Beautiful Wreath


Hang a beautiful wreath on the front door is quite often used as an alternative to make the door look more attractive. You can buy a ready-made wreath or even make it by yourself. Just prepare a rattan twigs then form the twig in a circular. The decorate it with flowers or dried leaves. And put it right on your front door.

5. Add Engraving Details to The Door Frame


The carvings on the door frame certainly improve the aesthetics and beauty on your front door. Even if you only have a brown standard door. Choose a unique carving details, such as typical wood carving from Jepara, Indonesia that has a good quality and beautiful shape.

6. Upgrade your doorknob


The front door of the house will certainly be the first door seen by guests. To give a stronger and grander impression on the main door, you can play with the size of the doorknob. With a large handle size such as a vertically mounted long bar doorknob, the main door display will look sturdy and grand despite applying a minimalist design style.

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