6 Mini Garden Ideas Under Your Staircase

Homiful.com -- Instead of being left to be a dead spot. You can use the space under the staircase as a mini garden. The minimalist garden in the house or commonly called inner court will be able to flow the air fresh to all corner of the house. A mini garden under your staircase is also suitable for those of you who run out of space for gardening hobbies. You can put some houseplants in the garden under the stairs. 

Designing a mini garden under the staircase doesn't always have to be complicated and cost a lot of budgets. The minimalist garden under your staircase can also look so cool. Need some inspirations? Check out 6 Mini Garden Ideas Under Your Staircase, below: 

1. Minimalist Red Chinese Evergreen Garden


Have a hobby of collecting and caring for Red Chinese Evergreen plants? Then, make a bit of space under your staircase  as a beautiful Red Chinese Evergreen garden. In this mini garden, you are free to take care and display your favorite plant. Some Red Chinese Evergreens can be neatly arranged on stacking shelves. On the wall can also be added plants in a medium pot that grows vines or dangling. This kind of garden will make the mini garden under the stair look so beautiful and colorful. 

2. Mini Garden In Void Area


Void is an empty space located between the upper and lower floors. This area can be used to build a minimalist garden under the stairs. Various plants such as Anthurium and Colocasia esculenta can be one of the media to support air circulation so that the temperature in the room remains cool and not dry.

3. Chill and Relax on the Mini Garden Under Staircase


By adding white stones in the garden is a great idea to bring a natural atmosphere into the mini garden. Then just put your plants in some spot under the stairs to add some greenery look. You can also relax in the mini garden under your stairs. Just provide a garden chair and a minimalist coffee table to put under the stairs. You can chat casually while accompanied by the fresh plants and cool air that comes from the void area.

4. Mini Tropical Garden Under The Stairs


Palm tree are very identical with tropical vibe. Therefore, presenting it to the minimalist garden design under the staircase can give a tropical freshness in your home. Above the ceiling of the garden is decorated lights with a rustic hood that completes the look in the garden under this staircase. 

5. A Dry Mini Garden Under The Stairs


If it's too difficult to bring organic grass under the stairs, you can replace it by placing a grass carpet or some kind of artificial grass. Besides being practical, you also don't have to worry about weeding and taking care of the grass. This grass carpet can also be used as a seat mat when relaxing in the mini garden under the stairs. 

Mini Garden Design On a Budget


Design a mini garden under the stairs doesn't always need a large space with a complex layout. Just a small space is enough to build a great mini garden under the staircase. You can make the floor lower than the main floor. In there, spread some white stones to bring natural freshness in this mini garden. Then, arrange your plants neatly and precisely for a neat and balanced mini garden look.

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