6 Mind-Blowing Seating Ideas


6 Mind-Blowing Seating Ideas

Homiful.com -- What's more fun than enjoying a cup of hot tea and reading a book outdoors. Nature always gives us the opportunity to relax the beautiful scenery with a refreshing mind.

If you have a house with a large a land, why not try to make it as a relaxing slap like a garden and a place for children.

Alternatively, you can use several ways such as compressing a few seats to a pleasant swing in the afternoon. If you like the fresh atmosphere outdoor, here's the best seating idea that blows your mind.

Mount from the swing above the balcony of the house


This is the first area that can be an inspiration to provide a real natural freshness. Make use the balcony of the house and turn it into a children's playground as well as e relaxing area. Fresh plants lined up in pots give a cool air to the body more relaxed. Especially with an open space that immerses the air into the body more maximally.

Comfortable and ethnic rattan holder


Far from the word fancy. Rattan wood holder in this round shape makes the feeling more comfortable. Especially if there is a cushion on it provides infinite comfort huh? Fresh and natural atmosphere can make the mind comfortable because it is surrounded by green ornamental plant.

Wooden stand with concrete


This combination of two elements provides freshness for those of you who sit here. This floating table makes for an even prettier illusion. With a dominant natural impression, this area is very suitable as a place to create office work with an outdoor concept. You can make a cup of coffee accompanied by biscuits so that when working flexible and comfortable to do.

Nice to enjoy, rattan sofa-shaped stand


Choose the outdoor corner of the house for a relaxing place. Sofa model of rattan material can be used as inspiration as a natural decoration. Just stick with pads to make sitting more comfortable. Add also with cushion  to make it more comfortable if your want to sleep relax white looking at instagram posts.

Stand with a bed around the pool


It's not complete if your don't even throw yourself on a lounge chair like this. The design is made elongated by the position of the backrest around the shoulders to the head. Cool atmosphere will be enjoyed with refreshing orange juice. Do this once a week to make the mind fresher without burdens.

Near the fish pond with natural chair holder


The last area suitable for a relaxing place is the back garden of the house. Fresh atmosphere with the rustling of water coming from the fish pond makes the mind fresher. Place a comfortable chair holder with cushions and serve warm milk coffee for a comfortable relaxing time when alone.

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