6 Cool Coffee Table With Hidden Storage

6 Cool Coffee Table With Hidden Storage

Homiful.com -- No matter the size of the house you have. Any furniture will still be less if it obeys the wishes instead of the need. One of them is the use of coffee table that is commonly used for living room. Sometimes there are even 2 more coffee tables in the living room that are not just for storage. Precisely as accessory to beautify the living room is getting slicker. To stay functional, this is a coffee table with hidden storage you can try to use in a home room that has a large selection of unique models.

 Short small size


Long and slightly short shape for the selection of coffee table is suitable in a minimalist living room. The cabinet stored in it has a round handle that makes it easy for your to pick up items without any difficulties.

Cage shape


It's one of the unique coffee table with a cage-like model. Rustic style with a dominant brown color as well as. On this coffee table. Has a flat surface on it, you can store electronics for the living room in a cage.

Coffee table with hanging cabinet


To ensure a more functional living room, the use of this hanging model coffee table could be the choice. Black color of iron with glass surface makes the look more elegant. Give the table mat a beautiful motif on it to match between the living room purple theme.

Coffee table rack open one side


This taper-shaped table leg makes the table look slimmer and lighter. The shape of the table is not too high having open storage on one side. You can try a combination of closed drawers for more storage space.

Open model coffee table


Not just open to one side only. This coffee table has an open model for all sides. Minimalist look with a standard size, you can make use of the table at the bottom for a place magazine or family photos.

Simple shape with open rack


As the last option, this model coffee table can be used for living room to family room in the house. Simple shape with stronger legs and full look. Keep things in this room without having to make the drawer close, because the open model is always am option for a minimalist home coffee table .

That's 6 coffee tables with storage space that you can but at the nearest store. Make sure your choice represent poorly managed storage.

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