6 Beautiful Indoor Plants For Your Home

Homiful.com --  Bringing indoor plants into the house will provide a fresh natural atmosphere. Moreover, many indoor plants are also beneficial for purifying the air from air bacteria and air toxin. In addition to being good for body health, seeing indoor plants thrive in the house can also be a medium to calm tension in your mind. There are several types of plants that you can present in the house. What kind of plant is that? Check out the  review about 6 Beautiful Indoor Plants For Your Home, here:

Fittonia Nerve Plant


Unique and beautiful. Presumably, these two words can describe this Fittonia. This plant is small, but the reddish leaf strokes combined with green color make this plant look more special. The treatment is also easy, Fittonia plant should not be exposed to direct sunlight and the soil should not be wet directly. It is suitable for the idea of decor of the room. 

Anthurium Crystallinum


Lush and leafy. Just an Anthurium Crystallinum would make your living room so fresh and have a bit of jungle atmosphere. Anthurium will survive and grow in low light conditions. A spot near the window is great choice to place this plants. Keep the soil not soggy, just barely moist is enough. 


White Orchid


Bored in green plants, you can bring a flower into your home. A white orchid can beautify your room. This flower also bring a special meaning. A white orchid symbolize purity as well as elegance. Even just a simple living room will look luxurious with this white orchid. 

 Monstera Adansonii


Have you imagined, how can a plant have some holes in the middle of its leaves? Well, you can find that phenomenon in this Monstera Adaansoni. Besides being unique, this plants is so easy to care for. You can water once every 2 days with water used to wash rice, new shoots will grow thicker leaves.


Philodendron Birkin


This beautiful one likes to make curious because the veins on the leaves.  A Philodendron Birkin does not like direct sunlight, the leaves are easy to brownish due to sunburn, so it must be keep far from the sunlight. It fits really well in the indoors, especially in the shady terrace. A Philodendron Birkin have minimal treatment because the watering is relatively rare, and not the type of plant that always needs to trim the leaves, so just maintained the moisture and enjoyed the process of  growing leaves.


Ficus Elastica / Rubber Tree


This plant look so shady and firm. A nice brightly lit spot without direct sunlight is a good place for these plants. You just need to water once the soil becomes so dry to touch. Well, also make sure your pet do not eat this plant. Cause this rubber tree can be extremely irritating when ingested.

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