5 Myths about Green Roofs You Should Know


5 Myths about Green Roofs You Should Know

Homiful.com -- Roof garden with city view so far, you may only find out the roof is made of tiles and asbestos. But, have you ever though about green roof. A green is a living roof which vegetates and grows. The roof is made of waterproof layer which is fitted with drainage as a growing medium for plants. Green roos is home to a variety of plants, including grasses and flower. 

Many people are mistaken about the green roof, starting for the idea of difficult treatment until the expensive cost. The following are myths about green roof that are often misunderstood by people.

Green roof is the latest invention


Did you know that green roof was first industrial in Germany in 1940? In Norway, the roof is usually used by the suburban. 

You can maximize this roof garden area with plants. You can use the roof garden for productive crops such as vegetables or fruits.

Green roof only is the latest invention


Of course the certification of green buildings would not be complete without a green roof. However, many houses without the concept of green building still use this green roof. Because, green roos is much efficient.

In Germany, research has even been conducted showing that green roofs reduce heat so that people do not have to use air conditioning.

Green roof can also leak


This is the most frequently asked issue. The leak actually occurred due to improper installation and design. The green roof has a waterproof coating that is not easily leaky or weathered.

Some studies even show that the life cycle of green roofs is longer because there is no protection of waterproof membranes and ultraviolet sunlight. Plants and substrates on green roofs act as natural barriers to prevent the weathering process.

Green roof requires extra cost and maintenance


Many people think that green roofs are expensive and difficult to maintain. In fact, all green roofs only require an irrigation system at the beginning, and then the roots will grow as usual. To offset the cost, irrigation water can be collected from rainwater.

Intricate green roof


many people are mistaken about the green roof because they don't know how to start an lack information. If your want to install a green roof, it is better to have the services of contractor related to annual maintenance. 

The cost of installing a green roof varies depending on whether you want the roof to be inaccessible or accessible. The life span of the green roof is largely unknown, but some professionals say that it is twice as long as a traditional roof.

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