When the Natural Style is Wrapped in a Modern Style

When the natural style is wrapped in a modern style 

Homiful.com -- Some people might think that the combination of modern minimalist style and natural style is impossible. Minimalist style is know for its modern impression, while the natural style presents a natural impression. However, both  can actually be combined by bringing together the elements that match and discard contrasting elements. 

Modern and natural style for home


Things that need to be considered in this style are a blend of both simplicity and the natural element. It is quite east to combine these two elements. For instance, you can install a wood floor which is very suitable for a minimalist concept. Its simple look and its natural touch make it perfect for a natural minimalist concept.

Paint color selection


Wall paint color selection also determines the impression created in the interior of the house. If you choose wooden floor, it its worth considering the color white with some brown tone. But still try to keep white color dominating it. This color combination will create a natural and formal impression at the same time. White color that seems like metal also gives a modern twist to the interior of the house.

Furniture selection


The principle used to select the furniture is actually the same. Things you need to note are the simplicity of shapes and natural touch. For example, you can choose a wooden table and combine it with a white sofa in modern style. This combination will create the impression of natural modern room. Putting some additional accessories such as flower vases can also give a natural impression in the house. For a more natural impression, you can also put some plants.

Do not put too much furniture in one room.


Try to give a considerable distance among the pieces of furniture. Giving space is sometimes necessary so that the room does not seem cramped and claustrophobic. Yet, try not to leave to much empty space there. This is to avoid the impression that the room looks too empty and monotonous. 

Back to the principle of minimalist space and functionality


You can include a modern looking functional impression in this living room, such as using ladder model shelves for the placement of decorations or plants. Keep using some natural element such as plants or decorations from dry plants that look aesthetic.

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