Stunning Interior Design in Gray and a Little of Red Accent -- Who doesn't want to have a comfortable home with a stunning interior? Of course everyone wants to. To make it happen you have to be clever in choosing the right of mix decorations and color choices. 

If you want to have a room that can calm and soothing your mind, then choose a gray as base color of the room, you can consider it. Gray is calm and soothing, especially when you choose gray in darker shade, it will make your room look more shady. But, gray is perfect backdrop to any style interior. 

To make your gray room less gloomy, you can incorporating red accents on gray decor. What does it look like? Check our review about Stunning Interior Design in Gray and a Little of Red Accent

Creative Gray Living Room

Gray interior goes well with cherry red. Even you put red in little accent it has a stunning effect. The furnishing in red accent will shine more. Like the living room above. The homeowner really love the Mickey Mouse character, so she chose a cushion with red accent, so our eyes will are on it.

Never Go Out if Style with Gray and Red Decor

Rooms with shades of gray are indeed soothing. You can sleep better in a gray room. But in order not to look boring, you can also add red accents to your bedroom. A balance of red and gray color will make your bedroom doesn't look gloomy and lackluster.

Go All out in Red

As we said before, the homeowner really love the Mickey Mouse character in combination of red and black color. Those color still look compatible with the gray color. To give a strong Disney touch, the homeowner also give a wise word inspired by Walt Disney, affixed to the upper cabinet. 

An Open Plan Kitchen

An open plan design is perfect for a minimalist house. You can design a dining room adjacent to the kitchen. It's more saving space and make it easier for you to serve the dish in the dining table.

A Modern and Elegant TV Room Design

Gray decor with a glossy and shimmery finishing make this TV room look so luxurious.  Even  the tray and flower pot in silvery look boost some elegance into the room.

An Impressive Bathroom Design

Don't let your bathroom look empty and boring. You can design your bathroom with a gray wall in subway bevel pattern to make the bathroom look dynamic. Then, try to put your favorite character, for example the Mickey Mouse as decoration to make the living room have a strong and unique character.

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Author : Yeni
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