Space Savings Furniture Design Ideas -- Having a small house, it must be smart in arranging the room. Never let any of your small space look full of lots of stuff. In addition to the right furniture layout, you also need to choose furniture that has the right design and compatible when it applies in your house. For a small or minimalist house, there are pieces of furniture designs with a space-saving design. Even some of a piece of furniture also has multi-functional design that became a good choice to maximize the space. As an inspiration for you, we've prepared some Space Savings Furniture Design Ideas, that you can choose as space-saving furniture in your tiny house. 

A Seamless Built-in Wardrobe


This built in wardrobe will give you more space. Indeed, you can't bring a fitted wardrobe when you have to move from the house, but  still a lot of benefit compares to assembled wardrobe. A fitted wardrobe can be tailored to fit the full height of the room.

Stylish Corner Shelves


Never let your wall look so empty and have no function value. You can create a stylish corner shelves on the walls of your room.  You can use it, as a place to store books, decorations, aroma therapy to the area to charge your electronic devices.  Moreover, by adding built-in shelves with stylish design can be an investment and add some value into your home.

Under Stairs Storage


Make the most of your space. You can use the space under the stair as a storage. To make it look neater you can choose a cabinet that has been adjusted to the height and space under the stairs. Some cabinet has a small door, but the others are left open  to display some decorations and place for mini refrigerator.


Wall Mounted Folding Table


Simple and stylish.  This study table can be folded if it is not in use. This allows your room to look more spacious. Just make sure you don't put some heavy things on this table. Cause, it just can withstand a limited loads, such a laptop, a book and a study lamp.  

 Built-in Backdrop TV


This backdrop TV is fabricated from multiplex material, combine with HPL finishing in wooden pattern. The appearance will give a natural freshness into your room. This Backdrop TV also be used to hide cables on TV , fans, decoders and lamps. You can also charge your phone in this cabinet. A backdrop TV with more cabinets is perfect for a house with many residents. 


Multi-functional Sofa


When placing a sofa in the living room, the bottom of the sofa often becomes an unused empty space that so easily dirty. Instead of being left unused, you can pick a multi-functional sofa. This kind of soda is equipped with storage cabinets to store some items, like your daily newspaper.

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