Make and Decorate Colorful Garden - 6 Creative Ideas -- Garden may be associate a lot with the greenery. But if we make the garden in all-green themed-look, it will make the garden just look so ordinary. In order to make the garden look more attractive, give some colorful touch could be a good idea. So, here it is 6 creative ideas to make and decorate colorful garden. 

Bring some bench and colorful cushion to the garden


No matter how small it is, build a minimalist garden will bring many advantages in your home. For example, you can enjoy the fresh air that comes from the garden. Just don't forget to bring some bench for your seating and relaxing in the garden. Choose some cushion in floral and colorful pattern's sheet to make the garden look colorful. 

Build a fish pond


It's very refreshing to see fish pond on the garden. The plants and the fish blend will to create natural vibe into your garden. You can choose such a colorful fish to make your garden more lively. Other than that, arrange some vines as natural fence in the garden give create a best visual to the area. 

Garden as kid playground


If you have a child, build garden as an open space and kid playground may be a great idea. Simply, you can place a swing in colorful paint. You can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere, while watching your kid play on the garden as well as kid playground.

Rug on the garden, why not?


Garden can be a perfect place to produce a great idea. Cause, the greeneries always bring such peace of mind that can stimulate our brain to create some ideas. So that, placing an elegant purple rug in the garden while bring your computer there, may be a good idea to finish your work. 

Yellow accent in green garden


If you have limited space, create an indoor garden can be a good solution. You can put and display your plants on the yellow cabinet. The yellow one give fresh yet cheerful atmosphere to your garden. 

Purple Garden


If you are such purple lover, create purple garden can be your option to create colorful garden. It doesn't mean you have to paint the grass in purple color. Simply you can choose some furnishing in purple color, like choose purple pots for the plants, lounge chairs in purple and some other purple decoration. The purple garden will give you a soothing and relaxing feeling. 

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Author : Yeni
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