Large and Elegant Rustic Living Spaces -- Rustic is a design concept that's trending lately. It's a natural, aged, rough, and unfinished touch impression. Many style that can be called as rustic. But, within the creation rustic design is not always the same as old house style. Rustic also blend in with modern style, the key to a modern rustic is an open floor plan with modern furniture but still trying to display natural elements on it.

Rustic living style is perfect for those of you, who're looking for a cozy and unique interior design, that give you strong natural vibe. So, let's check out for Large and Elegant Rustic Living Spaces, below:

A Rustic Living Room Design


The most visible characteristic of rustic living space is the use of materials with a strong texture impression.  A set of wooden stool and table could become a focal point in the living room. Moreover, those wooden stool have rough texture with unique pattern that look aesthetic.


A Warm Bedroom


Beside natural elements, rustic living space can be recognized from the use of warm colors, such as brown, green, gray, khaki, red brick, and other natural colors. You can choose a simple bed mattress that come from wood materials, then add brighter colors as indoor accents such as green on the bedsheet and terracotta on the blanket. 

Rustic Kitchen Design


It's not hard to make a rustic kitchen. You can choose a kitchen set with combination of wood. Also pick a tall mini bar table like a large basket that made stand. 

Instead of using ceramics, you can use exposed brick as your kitchen backsplash.  

Bathroom with Rustic Touch


Change the look of your plain bathroom into a rustic style. You don't need remodeling your bathroom. Just pick some furnishings that complement the look of your bathroom in rustic style, for example made a floating shelf from wooden materials, framing the mirror with wooden material, etc.

Rustic Nook Style


A rustic style also perfect for your relaxing space design. A rustic touch with nature elements bring some natural atmosphere that could soothe and calm your mood. Just by placing a hammock, a rug in knitting design and more, give you a perfect rustic nook design. 

 Dresser with Rustic Touch

Rustic style furniture is quite aesthetic, but the price of it is more affordable. Even you can make by your self. Like the dresser design above. Many furnishings are made from wooden materials. The materials may be cheaper, but doesn't mean have a cheap look. It looks simple yet beautiful dresser. 

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