Interior Design Inspiration; Use Your Modern Kitchen as a Working Space

Interior Design Inspiration; Use Your Modern Kitchen as a Working Space -- How to make a room more effective? The best answer would be by making it have more that function. For instance, you can use one room both as a living room and a working area. This idea is often used in a house with a limited area. 

Well, maybe the idea of using one room both as a living room and a working space is already widely used. Let's start something different. What about a kitchen and a work space? I bet not many people already applied this ideas to their home. To apply this ideas, you will need a modern kitchen design. In this modern kitchen you can either prepare food or ideal with your office tasks and the like.

The use of counter top 


The kitchen, which is actually a place for cooking, can now be used as a work space at home. You can do your office work at this place. To support this idea, the kitchen should be designed modern by highlighting the kitchen in the middle of the room. 


In addition to the placement and use of the island, the kitchen interior color selection also contributes greatly in terms of the creating of a modern feel. Black and white are colors that seems to have becomes a must for modern interior design. Yet, you are always allowed to choose color you like as long as it makes the space feel comfortable and beautiful.


Don't forget to use a counter top that is quite big. You can put this counter top on one side of your kitchen. It is the counter top that will perform many functions, such as desks, dining table, places for serving food, etc.

Place the two or more chairs on the outside part of the counter top


These chairs will not only serve as dining chairs, but also as working chairs. After coming home from the office, simply bring the stack of paper from your office and open your laptop here. While waiting for your food cooked, you can check the results of your work in this place. If you're feeling bored, leave your work for a moment and drink or eat snacks served on the table in front of your. It will be definitely exciting.

Create a neat and clean kitchen environment


Well, to keep you comfortable when doing your office work in the kitchen and work room at the same time, make sure you always maintain the cleanliness of this space. In addition, your are also obliged to keep it neat so that it can bring a positive influence to your mood. That way you can finish your task properly.

The kitchen lighting arrangement is also important to consider in order to create a comfortable environment, either for struggling with your work of for cooking.

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