Industrial Home Interior with Yellow Decor -- Industrial house is most commonly found in cities and lofts. Industrial style make use of cool raw and unfinished style decor. The typical interior style of these old-fashioned factories is synonymous with the use of iron and some plain wood as an element of the their furniture. 

Industrial home interior is very typical with a look that look firm and sturdy. But, can you imagine give some cheerful color to the industrial home? Well, yellow decoration also can be used as decor element that make the house look more comfy and pleasing to the eye. Can't believe it? Check this out for Industrial Home Interior with Yellow Decor

Industrial Kitchen with Yellow Decor


Wait a minute? Where is the yellow decor? Well, try to look at the lamp. Yap, that is the yellow decor in the kitchen. Yellow doesn't mean always such vibrant color. There is many shade of yellow that have calm atmosphere and matching with the kitchen with industrial style. Like the lamp above :)

Industrial Bathroom with Yellow Decor


Go to the bathroom. You'll find such a industrial bathroom with yellow decoration. The yellow color is used on fabric furnishing, like doormat, toilet paper, curtain even some towels. The yellow color surely will complement the look on the bathroom.

Yellow Chair in the Dining Room


The room that is filled with exposed bricks will look stiff, otherwise you need to put something colorful to make it look better. Try a dining set with yellow chair that will make your dining room look more cozy and homey. 


Yellow Cabinet in the Bedroom


You can apply the yellow accent in small amount. Such as applying that on the cabinet in your bedroom. Even it look small,  but the yellow cabinet  make eyes on it. Try to choose some cabinets that have compact design in yellow color :)


Yellow Cushion in Industrial Living Room


Yellow is such energizing color. Even in industrial living room, the yellow color on the cushion give some energy to the room. The living room look more  bright with the combination of black and yellow's cushions.

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