How to Make Your Kitchen Enviromentally Friendly

How to make your kitchen environmentally friendly -- Making an environmentally friendly home indeed becomes a solution to reduce the impact of global warming. You can start going green by making your kitchen environmentally friendly.

An environmentally friendly kitchen has a green design concept. The furniture and other objects are generally made of wood. This kind of kitchen uses energy efficient appliances, oven, dishwasher, and so forth. There are several things you need to consider to transform your kitchen into a green kitchen design. 

Kitchen applliances


Replace the old kitchen appliances with the more environmentally friendly ones. For examples, you can replace your large conventional oven with a smaller electric oven. The method can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your home. You can also use an energy-efficient refrigerators to maintain a balance between temperature control and energy consumption. In addition, it also serves to ensure the future life with lower energy consumption. By using kitchen appliances that are energy efficient, you can certainly save on monthly electricity bills.

If you want to use a car[et in the kitchen, use the organic carpet made from natural fibers. This carpet will add comfort to your environmentally friendly kitchen.



Provide a good ventilation system in your green kitchen. This method can save energy and reduce the use of lights during the day. Make sure the kitchen gets enough air from the outside. You can also use a large window. As a result, the incoming fresh air can get rid of mold and toxic gases from your kitchen appliances and foodstuff in the kitchen.

Wood cabinets


Kitchen wood cabinets belong to objects that are environmentally friendly. If you want to make eco-friendly kitchen set, use the services of companies that use reclaimed wood.



To have an eco-friendly kitchen, you also have to use environmentally friendly floor, The floor can be made of bamboo or wood.



Avoid using a lot of light in the kitchen. Large glass or skylights will help you reduce the use of artificial lights during the daytime. If it is not possible to have adequate windows or skylight, you can choose energy-saving lamps or LED lamps.

In addition to using energy efficient kitchen furniture and appliances, you are also required to implement an energy-efficient lifestyle. Thus, unplug electrical appliances when not in use and star recycle any items you have used. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

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