How to Create a Safe and Comfortable Room for Toodlers

How to create a safe and comfortable room for toodlers -- Once your baby grows and becomes more active, the bedroom should be converted into a safer place. The change in your baby's room may take a little more cost, but for the sake of safety and comfort, it does nit matter.

Along with the development and growth of your toddler, some zones in the bedroom is quite risky. Some furniture that is normally found in a bedroom like e bed, cupboard, table and chair can cause unwanted accidents.

Therefore, here are a few thing that you must consider in order to make your toddler's room more safe and comfortable.



Avoid choosing a baby bed without high protective fence. The best and safest baby bed is the one equipped with protective side railings. This becomes very important especially if your toddler is learning to stand or climb the bed. Always make sure the be dis positioned against a wall with a protective  side railings so that your toddler does not fall when trying to stand up.



When you toddler starts to be more active, pay attention to the furniture arrangement in the room, including the position of the bed, cabinet and other furniture. Makes sure all the furniture has enough weight so it is not easy to move and injure your toddler. Also make sure all pieces of furniture are in the right position, against the wall. I would be better if you always lock the cabinet door to avoid your child from the possibility of being pinched in the door or hitting it.



Do not leave the window open, moreover when the windows are not fitted with trellis. An active toddler can crawl out of bed and out the window. To avoid this, make sure to install window trellis, although your toddler's room is on the first floor. It is an act of a wiser prevention.

Electric outlet and wire


Toddlers naturally have a quite high sense of curiosity. They will not always be comfortable to sleep in a bed. Instead. they will continue to experiment to try to know stuff around it.

After teething, toddlers becomes increasingly fond of biting everything they encounter. it would be quite dangerous if the electrical wires are easy to reach by toddlers. So, far the safety of your toddler, be sure to put a protective coating in the source of electric current. Avoid making wire lines on the floor because there is a chance your toddler will bite the wires. 



Use toys to distract your toddler's attention from other furniture that might be dangerous for him or her. Put toys on the floor or in a place which is easy reach by your toddler.

Make sure the playground is spacious so that your toddler can freely paly and not hit any goods white actively running. This is why the bed, dresser, table or other furniture in the room are better attached to the wall and not in the middle of the room.

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