Elegant Feminine Blush Pink Interior Design Ideas

Homiful.com -- Have you ever heard about blush pink? Some interior designer said that blush pink is a new home decor neutral. Blush pink is a soft pale color that become one of the happiest colors of nature, such as spring cherry blossom, pearls, roses and more. As the same as pink color, blush pink also associated with elegant feminine impression. For some people, it may be lack passion and energy, but blush pink color gives you a very soft, sweet and calming effect. Thinking about adding blush pink into your home. So, here are some Elegant Feminine Blush Pink Interior Design Ideas that you can try at home. 

Blush Pink Living Room Design

It's quite easy to decorate our living room in blush pink-themed, just make sure to choose complete furniture in it. Starting from the seating, coffee table, side table, etc. Choose a sectional sofa in gray is the perfect combination with the blush pink. A gray sectional sofa give a bold contrast in this blush pink living room.


 Cute Blush Pink Kid Bedroom

Blush pink-looked is the best idea to make our daughter bedroom look like a princess bedroom. Blush pink is a neutral color that relative close with natural vibe, so that you can choose a pink wallpaper in roses pattern to make this bedroom look so beautiful.

Blush Pink Master Bedroom Design

Within a neutral and soft pale hues, the use of some furnishings are more noticed. In the bedroom, you can choose a bed with a luxurious and elegant design as the focal point of the room. And don't forget about the lighting, so that your bedroom is brighter in daytime. 

Kitchen and Dining Room Design

It's okay to design a dry kitchen close with the dining room. Well, it more saving space and efficient for a house in minimalist design. The dining table itself can be a divider between the kitchen and dining room. Also, don't forget to choose a window curtain in blush pink color to complement the look on this room.

Blush Pink Bathroom Design

Blush pink really goes well within white color. So, in the bathroom that is filled in blush pink furnishing you can add some white color to it, like the white ceramics on the wall, the white ceiling even a white drawer. The white and blush pink make this bathroom look brighter.

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Author : Yeni
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