Easy Tips on How to Clean Your Kitchen

Easy tips on how to clean your kitchen

Homiful.com -- If you love cooking, you must love spending your time in your kitchen. A cozy kitchen along with the good appliances would be a heaven. Yet, there are some people who do not know how to maintain the kitchen cleanliness. If you experience the same thing, the following tips would be useful for your.

Here are tips to clean a kitchen:

First step : Hang and store


The first step is to hang and store. You have to arrange the kitchen appliances as neat as possible. You can either hang them or store them on closed shelf. Hanging the kitchen utensils on the wall easy you when you are looking for a certain tool since it is clearly visible. If can arrange them on the wall in such as nice way, you can even make them as a part of your kitchen decoration. Yet, if your have a minimalist kitchen design, it would be helpful if you store all of the kitchen appliances in closed cabinets so that everything looks clean, neat and simple.

Next step : Clean maintaining


The next step to make your kitchen clean and beautiful is maintaining your kitchen appliances cleanliness, which may include your coffeemaker, mixer, blender and so forth. A regular cleaning is very necessary to keep  those appliances clean and more durable. Choose cleaning product that is safe to use. Remember that clean kitchen appliances represent as clean kitchen.

Third : Clean the kitchen sink and stove 


And then, clean the kitchen sink and stove every day. It is to avoid the growth of germs which eventually can damage your kitchen appliances. Cleaning the fridge regularly is also necessary to do since almost all foodstuffs are stored there. Clean the interior and exterior part of the fridge until you have a clean and well organized fridge. You can use a wipe to clean it. Do not forget to remove any expired food since it will only accumulate and may lead to health problem in case you consume it.

Four :  Clean the oven when cold


Simply clean the oven when it is cold by performing homemade liquid. You can make a solution of 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup white vinegar, and 1/2 cup baking soda. Remove the grater on the inside and make sure all the elements have cooled. Put the solution in the oven wait 12 hours and in the morning clean the oven with soapy water and dry.

Fifth : Keep the sanity of disposal


So that disposal in the kitchen is smooth and not clogged be sure to distinguish organic and inorganic waste in the sink area. Should quickly fix if the channel is segmented, clean with the sink area regularly. Don't forget to also give fragrances to be all day long.

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