Cool and Clear Interior with Blue Accents -- A simple color could transform a simple space into magnificent space. One of the best choice color that have a 'magic effect' is blue. The blue be often associated with wisdom, peace, confidence, and stability. By giving a little or more blue accent could enlarge the room. It's also very good to cool a room with much heat, and make people feel calm inside. 

So, here it is we've rounded up some Cool and Clear Interior with Blue Accents, hope you'll like it :)

Cool Living Room with Blue Accents

The blue accents is a good choice to cool a room with much sun exposed. It can absorb too much light and make your living room more shady. When you choose the blue accents in some furnishings such as a blue sofa, shelve, and more, just make sure you combined with neutral colors like white wall or flooring. So, the living room will have a cool and clear look.

 Blue Accents and Neutral Color

Why is it important to combine the blue with other neutral colors, like beige, white, and some colors derived from natural materials? Well, neutral color can balanced the blue accents. But, when you combine it with darker color, it can too much absorb the light and suck your energy.


A Cozy TV Room

A blue accents when it arrange it perfect way could keep you in a good mood. A modern thing like television goes well within a blue vintage cabinet. 

Your antique decorations also seem more valuable, when you place it on a rustic shelf with blue color.

A Bright and Peaceful Bedroom with Blue Accents

The blue color is believed to be able to slow down the nervous system of humans and create a soothing effect. That's why, by placing some blue accents in your bedroom could give you a peace of mind. Your sleep will be more soundly.

A Kitchen with Blue Accents

For a small kitchen, choose a white for base kitchen space color is a very smart idea. The white base could give you spacious and brighter space. In order not to make the white kitchen look boring, add blue accents to the kitchen can be done by choosing kitchen appliances in blue tone. 

A Blue and Lilac Toilet

Some people spend quite a long time in the bathroom or toilet. They need to prepare them self before go to work. So, if you're one of them, decorate your plain bathroom with a blue and lilac accent in your bathroom or toilet. The combination will give you a happy mood when you dress up here.

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Author : Yeni
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