Colorful Floor Bed Designs That are Worth to Try -- Is it okay to sleep on a mattress on the floor? One of the question that maybe through your mind. Well, sleeping on a mattress on the floor without bed frame have some health benefits including, improved blood circulation and eases the back pain. It also provides comfort and giving different taste experience.

Besides that, it may be a look simple but with the simplicity you can decorate your room freely. Even colorful floor bed design can be your room themed. So, here it is. We rounded up some Colorful Floor Bed Designs That are Worth to Try.

Cheerful Yellow Floor Bed Design

Yellow color is good for the bedroom. It's very suitable for those of you who like striking color. Yellow in the bedroom may be good to light up your mood. Because, yellow represents: joy, happiness, intellect, cheerfulness, and energy. 

Bright Blue and White Floor Bed Design

When putting a mattress on the floor, take note of the surface of the floor. The best floor surface are using hardwood or even floor mats. For bright bedroom, you can combine the white and blue color.

Pink Fuchsia Floor Bed Design

Floor bed with fuchsia color give you some elegant and soft look. It can give you such peace of mind, even with this color. When you're putting a mattress on the floor, choose the type of mattress that good to be placed on the floor, like a memory foam mattress, a latex and a hybrid.

Rose Pink Floor Bed Design

A pink rose is very good for your floor bed look. The arrangement is quite simple, you can place the mattress in the center of the room. Then by placing a minimalist dresser on the corner of the room is still likely make the room look spacious. 

Purple Floor Bed Design

Purple color may be your favorite color. You can change your plain room into such elegant bedroom by coloring your room with purple paint and decoration. You can add some flower paper that affixed to the wall to beautify your bedroom. 


Purple Floor Bed Design

Green is such color that full of natural energy. You can paint your bedroom in green color. Then, choose some decorations in green too. Put another color as contrast like a mattress in white color that balanced the look of this room.

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