Bookshelf Decor Ideas That Are Full Of Style -- For book lovers, or have hobby of ready books, having a comfortable bookshelf is a must. Surely you don't want your book collection to fall apart, do you? The solution is to have a bookshelf to put the book collection. 

For those of you who you are still confused determine the design of the bookshelf. This time will discuss some bookshelf decors ideas that are full of style. Check out the reviews below.

Bookshelf ideas with monochrome shades

Design by : @dederohmayanti_0216

The first minimalist bookshelf ideas design has an elegant appearance with a touch of black and white. Having a touch of monochrome color gives an elegant impression on the residence.
Combine it with carpets for a more comfortable place to relax in matching colors to look in harmony.

Multifunctional bookshelf design

Design by :

The next design bookshelf, has a unique design with wood materials that look elegant and aesthetic. Bookshelves are designed multifunctional as room partition. In the middle of bookshelf you can use it as a TV place. How interesting, isn'it?

Bookshelf ideas with soothing wood materials

Design by : @noviantidjunarto

Using wood material elements in a residence gives a warm an elegant impression. Similarly, the use of bookshelves of images that use wood materials with a unique design. The above bookshelves are designed to have a lot of capacity that can be used to put your favorite accessories collection, in addition to storing books.

The design of the bookshelf is near the window

Design by : @vefriza

You are looking for a bookshelf that has a simple but charming design, the above design can be a reference for you. This wooden bookshelf gives you plenty of space for your collection of books.
Having a location near the window also provides a cool atmosphere when you are relaxing while reading a book.

Minimalist  bookshelf design in white

Design by : @rumah_naumi2020

The design of the last shelf has a charming appearance with the dominance of white color. Bookshelves are designed simply to be used as a place to store books as well as to put your favorite collections. To provide a cool and beautiful atmosphere you can put indoor plants in the corner of the room.

Well that's some bookshelf decors ideas that you can use at home. From some of the bookshelf design above, which is your favorite design?

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