Black and White Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms -- Black and white. The black and white room design is a color combination that will never look boring. Black color look mysterious and white color that looks clean an comfortable. This color combination is usually the main choice to be applied to the minimalist and modern interior of the house. 

You want a bedroom with black and white decor? Check out the design ideas summarized by below:

Simple and Minimalist

To get a black and white bedroom that look elegance and not excessive, just try to use one or two furnishings in white and black pattern. Example, choose a bedsheet in black and white stripe to give  cool and chic impression. 

A Vinyl Floor

Don't want your room to look dominated only with black and white? You can choose a flooring with vinyl materials. Vinyl flooring have a surface that look like wood and give some natural element into the room. Besides that, the vinyl will inject some warmth to the room.

A Retro Black and White Room

 You can turn your plain room into a cool retro styled-room. You can add some wallpapers in black and white. The pattern of the wallpaper also look so unique,  a classic wallpaper. This wallpaper will give you a vintage touch to the room.


Give Some Natural Color

Other than black and white, you can choose some furnishings in natural tone, such as beige, light brown, wood brown and more. Like the room above. It has a cupboard and some decoration in light beige color that make the room look brighter.

A Warm Fabric

Even in a small room, it's okay to put some fabric as decoration. A rug in white color will infuse some warmth and give you a comfy feeling. Also, a tablecloth will make your bedside table have a thematic look.

White as Base, Black as Decorations

The last idea for black and white bedroom is to use the white as base color of the room and black as decoration color. Choose a white as paint wall and a surface floor. Then you can choose some furnishings, like bedsheet,  pillow even a rug in black color.

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