Best Bohemian Decor Ideas You'll Love -- Bohemian style decor is often chosen as the design of a room. The mix of ethnic styles, hippies and also vintage will create a unique and artsy interior design. The essence of Bohemian style is the blending and harmony. It's full of beautiful textures, patterns, lines and contrasts. It doesn't have a special rule. Because Bohemian decor is about freedom. So,  we've prepared some of the best Bohemian decor ideas you'll love. Check out the reviews below:

Enliven Your Foyer

Don't let your foyer look so empty. You can hang some a colorful wall fabric, a hanger in vintage style and some woven furnishings. Those decorations will welcome your day  greatly. Choose a blue door also good idea to give a soft and friendly impression. 

A Touch Interiors

The soft and vintage rug will stands out more in a room that filled with natural sunlight. Hang some curtains in floral patterns to beautify the room. Don't forget to pick some velvet cushion and spotted pattern cushion to give you an extra touch sensation in the living room. 


Mix of Different Style

It's okay when you want to place many decorations in a different style. Other than some furniture in basic style, you can hang some rustic style decorations, such as rattan creations, make knitted hanging pot, wall displays, or room seals from long-twisted bamboos.

Colorful and Different Patterns in the Bedroom

Don't be afraid to mix various bright colors and motifs into your bedroom. Bohemian rooms usually use light color on the wall paint, such as white and then give tribal motifs as a mainstay. 

You can put some plants decorations in the bedroom. The plant will give you a touch of Bohemian, cause it reflects an original natural nuances. 

Mix and Match Dining Room

A dining room with vintage accents not only look artistic, but also lead you to a very distinctive memory of the past. Not only vintage accents, Bohemian style allows you to install futuristic-style chandeliers, display natural plants, hippies-style rugs. All these styles if styled correctly won't look colliding with each other. 

Simple and Artsy Kitchen

Making a Bohemian kitchen isn't as hard as you think. Even with the kitchen single wall model, you can make it look Bohemian style. Just select the backsplash with the a classic patterns. Eliminate the upper cabinet and choose floating shelf to put and display kitchen furniture.

That's all for Best Bohemian Decor Ideas You'll Love. Hope you'll like it.

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