Basic Tips for Hydroponics Gardening

Basic Tips for Hydroponics Gardening -- Gardening is a fun and useful hobby which makes your house look green and fresh. It will even better when you have the right yard size to be planted with various plants.

There are also many planting methods you can choose. One of the is hydroponics. This method is fairly simple, without the use of the soil media. 

By having a large yard, growing hydroponic plants will be very exciting and rewarding. However, not all homeowners carious kinds of plant. This hydroponic method is useful for those who do not have a quite large yard since it does not require soil as the painting medium. Here are some tips to plant hydroponics.

Plant selection


Not all types of plants can be planted in this method. The typical hydroponics plants are vegetables and some fruit plants. If your are less interested in those plants, then you can choose flowers. You are actually free to choose the plants as long as they don not grow tall like trees. Hydroponics plants tend to be as high as adult people waist.

Planting medium


You can use several type of hydroponics planting medium, such as water with a static flow which is replaced regularly, coconut coir, or even mineral which contain adequate nutrients for the plants. 

You can stull use flower pots which are made from plastic, clay or ceramics. Polybag with some holes in it is also a good choice. The most important thing is that the root of the plant can grow freely.

Plant maintenance


Hydroponics plant require almost the same maintenance as those plant with soil as the planting media. There are only some differences due to the different media. 

For hydroponics plants with a dry media, you should water them regularly. Meanwhile, if you use water or liquid planting media in which the plants roots are always wet, then you should replace the water regularly. This is to avoid the slow growth of plants due to the dirty water. Notice the nutrient proportion pattern you give to your plants. Do not provide you give to your plants. Do not provide too much or too little nutrient so that your plants can grow optimally.

Weather conditions


Make sure your hydroponic plants get the maximum intake of sunlight. In addition to aiding growth, sunlight can make plants not easily wither due to a lack of photosynthetic system that produce leaf green substance.

Moving plants


Make sure the hydroponic plant you have are moved to a larger place if the size if large enough. Transfer to the pot or polybag carefully so that the roots are maintained and nothing is broken.

A house with many hydroponics plants will look unique and fresh, especially when the plant are well maintained and can grow well. It is indeed tricky to do a hydroponics gardening. Yet, if your hobby is gardening, you will find it fun and challenging.

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