Applying Open Kitchen Concept to Your Home

Applying open kitchen concept to your home -- Open concept kitchen today is regarded as an interesting concept. No wonder if there are a number of home owners who want to have this open kitchen. In essence, an open kitchen concept at a cafe or restaurants is a concept in which every activity done in the kitchen such as food processing, cooking, and serving a dish can be seen intended to show the quality of materials, food processing, and chef skills that processes the menus for a restaurant or cafe's visitors. 
In a small country, open kitchen concept is somewhat unique because the majority of the society still considers that a kitchen that is open with all the activities inside it that are shown to guest is taboo. however, due to the advance of technology and the influence of modern lifestyle in urban areas. The presumption is gradually gone. Receiving guests in the kitchen while doing the cooking process is not a strange thing anymore. However, there are still few people who apply the concept of the open kitchen.

 Choosing complete furniture


If you have an open kitchen for the concepts of a modern minimalist house, make sure to choose complete furniture in it. Starting from the kitchen set, dining area with fresh openness. Do not forget the lighting, so that the kitchen is brighter and not scary at night.

Use wood material


Because it is in an open space without bulkheads, the use of kitchen sets is more noticed. You can choose wood material on the top cabinet and also the bottom. That way you can combine maximum lighting for bright reflections into the kitchen set. Kitchen set linear model you can use for a wider impression and look free to move.

Considering the weakness of the open kitchen 


You need to know that this open kitchen has a number of disadvantages. One of them is that you, the home owner, must always keep the kitchen clean and tidy. The reason because your kitchen will be seen by your guest. Your certainly do not want your guest think negatively about the condition of your kitchen which is dirty and cluttered. This dirty and cluttered kitchen then will make your guest feel uncomfortable.

Apply dirty kitchen and clean kitchen


If your are not confident in applying the open kitchen concept for your home, you can actually set up two type of kitchen: Kitchen is then used as the open kitchen. The clean kitchen is the used as the open kitchen, while the dirty kitchen can be used for your daily cooking activities.

Leave the kitchen open without a partition


You can either let it completely open or use a glass divider in terms of the layout and arrangement, and open kitchen is more appropriately placed next to public areas such as the living room or family room. You can choose whether you want to use a divider between the kitchen and the public area or not. If you want to use it, choose a glass divider so that your guest can stull see your activity in the kitchen. Letting the kitchen completely open to other areas is also fine. 

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