7 Unique Decorative Vases to Beautify Your Home

Homiful.com -- As a home decoration, decorative vases have their own value. It can change the look of your home  interiors.  Beside being able to add beauty to every corner of your space, decorative vases can also be an attraction when a guest come to your house. 

The uniqueness of decorative vases can be seen from the materials of the vases as well as in term of the shape and size. Various unique decorative vases can be chosen to complete and beautify your room. Your empty corner can be more colorful and pretty with the addition of  a decorative vase. We have a list of 7 Unique Decorative Vases to Beautify Your Home. So, let's check them out!

Mini Bicycle-shaped Flower Vase


Mostly many decorative vases is filled with fake flowers. Well, flower arrangements are the most common, surely cause the fake flower is kinda cheap, but it can still beautify your home. In order to make it look more different, you can choose a mini bicycle-shaped flower vases. Even if it looks small, but quite useful make your living room look colorful.

Elegance Decorative Vase


The gold color and some bird feathers pattern make the decorative vase above look elegance. By placing gold decorative in next to it make your room  look luxurious and classy.

 San Loren Decorative Vase


Super stylish decorative vases present with dreamy hues and creative design. The artist makes this beautiful decorative vase in carefully detailed.   A sleek design with flower ornaments makes you unable to switch from it. 


 Spiral Decorative Vase


Your empty space is worth adding decorative vases with some fresh (and fake) flowers. You can add vases with spiral shapes made of the glass. When go to kitchen, your mood will get better when you see this beautiful vase.


 Glass Decorative Vase


It may be look simple, but somehow the simplicity give you a stunning look. The glass vase, which is filled the sand make it look more natural. Even the flower made from the glass give us such impressive look. 

 Decorative Vase in Gold Color


Gold is always associate with prosperity, glory and luxury. Its good idea to have a drawer that present many kinds of furniture in gold accents, like the flower vase in gold color above. 

 Vintage Decorative Vase


A decorative vase with fruit and floral pattern can be seen as one of the vintage decorative. Due to the way of the pattern be painted and the choice of the white and blue color that can bring such nostalgic feeling.


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