7 Perfect Color to Paint Your Cozy Bedroom

7 Perfect color to paint your cozy bedroom

Homiful.com -- Choosing the interior of the bedroom certainly needs to be designed as good as possible ranging from the color of the walls, furniture to the completeness of the mattress.
Besides, will make a comfortable impression when resting, the bedroom is very necessary for your to look with beautiful colors that are comfortable.

Well the following will be divided quietly 7 choose the perfect color for a comfortable bedroom.

 Purple color


Dominant with a stunning impression looks graceful. This bedroom uses a slightly soft purple color. Besides, it will bring with is a contemporary style the looks of a room like this can captivate the eye of the bee.

Peaceful and quiet, complete the lighting with bright light or add large window for a natural feel.

Pink color


Trusted to add to the atmosphere of the room is more fun, pink can be an option for your daughter. Full res is easy on the wall in combination with the lighting of the lights and the very precise window makes sleep better.

Peach color


If you want a spacious impression of the size of a small bedroom this color you can use. Soft and looks spacious, you can choose a bed size with a luminous corner of the chandelier room.

White lilac


It doesn't take much color to make the bedroom more comfortable and soothing. You can add space with a mirror in the closet. Fresh impression you can combine from the green bed linen in this room.

Purple lilac


Tend to be soft color, the size of this small bedroom you change more unique. Not only with lilac purple interior alone decorate the walls of the room with neutral and monochrome paintings such as bed linen.

Minimalist white


Enough to make the room more spacious, this bedroom applies white walls thoroughly. Give a touch of neutral parquet flooring with some warm navy tones.



Two colors on the wall can support a better sleep for a small children. The wall painted by this snowy mountain image you can add the sun with yellow color makes the monotonous atmosphere disappear.

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