7 Cool Teen Bedroom Ideas


Homiful.com -- The design of the teenage bedroom is certainly different from the design of the children's bedroom. They want to have a room with a feel that is more appropriate to the age of those who are starting to grow up. teenagers will need more space to move around.

You can make the bedroom according to the character they like in order to still feel comfortable being themselves. Well for those of you who are still confused about designing a teen room this time Homiful.com will provide some cool teen bedroom ideas that you can emulate at home.

Simple minimalist teen bedroom design

Bedroom by : @fi_tari

The design of the first teen room has a simple appearance that can be a favorite for anyone. Having a room design with a size not too spacious, you can get around it by applying white color that gives a spacious impression. Combine it with vinyl flooring that gives the room a warm atmosphere.

Minimalist teen bedroom design with blue accents

Bedroom by : @hams.house

The esign of the next teen room has a charming minimalist design. The neutral color arrangement of white combined with blue accents gives the room a cool impression. The use of blue color also makes the atmosphere of the room seem lively.

Korean style bedroom design

Bedroom by : @nazlayu

The next minimalist room design inspiration carries a korean style theme. It has a cozy atmosphere with the use of simple furniture. Rooms are only equipped with soft mattresses and white duvets combined with functional wooden shelves. Add tumbler lights that make the look even more charming.

Korean style bedroom design

Bedroom by : @nenih_craft

The teenage bedroom is not just a place to rest and sleep. But in fact the teenage bedroom is used as a place tp relax, run hobbies and also learn. If they have a particular hobby or interest, you can make it as decorating idea. For example, by placing the piano as his favorite musical instrument. 

Modern minimalist teen bedroom

Bedroom by : @ny_a.romy

If your have a large enough room space, you can put the TV in the room. As a decoration to beautify the room, you can put a wallpaper with charming motifs. Combine it with lager mirror that will make the room have airy visuals.

Teen Bedroom with attractive walls

Bedroom by : @pocutmala

So that bedroom is not boring, you can give an interesting touch by decorating with a unique walldecor like this. To get around the small bedroom, use functional furniture, such as bed design with a cabinet below, which you can use as a storage area.

Teen Bedroom with attractive walls

Bedroom by : @rumahaila

The last bedroom has a sweet design with pink color. The selection of bright colors tends to give a relief effect to a room. As in the example you can choose white color on the wall combined with pink color on the decoration of the room that looks beautiful

Well that's some inspiration cool teen bedroom ideas that have been summarized by Homiful.com. From some of the room design above, which one is your favorite?

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