7 Chic Gray Living Room Ideas


Homiful.com -- Color selection is one of the important elements in designing a room. Because in addition to beautifying the room can also create a soothing and calming atmosphere for the occupants of the house.

Using gray color on the design of the living room depict an elegant impression on the room. The gray color was chosen to be one of this year's color trends. Colors derived from these natural elements provide a calm and timeless nature. Here are examples of beautiful living room design inspiration with a touch of gray color in a modern minimalist house.

Living room ideas with a minimalist grey touch

Living room by : @adindatiar4

The firt living room design we will discuss has a minimalist design but looks charming with a touch of gray color. The gray color can be combined with a variety of colors, as in the image, grey is combinde with white which makes the living room feel more spacious.

Living room ideas with a minimalist grey touch

Living room by : @casacalva

If your have a space that is not too wide, to keep it simple you can use the concept of open plan., which is to combine the two rooms. The design of the living room above is located next to the kitchen. The concept of open plan makes the house feel more spacious.
You can choose a sofa with capacity of two seats so that your room does not look narrow, combine it with a coffee table.

Minimalist Living room with luxurious shades of grey and gold

Living room by : @ditte-id

The next living room design has a minimalist design with shades of gray. To make the atmosphere of the living room look more attractive you can apply gold accents that will make your living room look luxurious.
The gray color in the living room above gives an elegant atmosphere.

Minimalist Grey  Living room ideas with mirrors

Living room by : @hauzz_of_dyla

The use of mirrors in a narrow room is able to make the room look more spacious. You can apply it to the living room as well as decorations to beautify the room. The use of gray color combined with white also makes the room feel more airy.

Living room design with charming shades of grey

Living room by : @hom_e2015

The atmosphere of the all-gray living room can be created by matching sofa chairs to look in harmony. Add cushion with a beautiful cover to provide a comfortable atmosphere. Put your favorit painting on the wall to beautify the look of your living room.

Grey living room design with cheerful yellow accents

Living room by : @rumah_melody

The design of the next room has a beautiful blend of gray and yellow colors. The use of a gray color on the interior gives a cool atmosphere to the room. A yellow accent makes your living room look more cheerful.
Tips to make the room look spacious you can use a large window equipped with curtains with matching colors.

Grey living room ideas with soothing plants

Living room by : @yennykaureensetiawan

The design of the last living room has a beautiful appearance with the presence of plants. You can put plants in the corner of the room to create a cool nd beautiful atmosphere. Apply a gray color on the wall that gives a roomy impression.

Well that's some inspiration 7 chic gray living room ideas that you can emulate at home. Which of the above designs is your favorite design? Hopefully the above article can be a reference and useful for you.

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