6 Smart Solutions to Place The TV in Living Room

Homiful.com -- Enjoy your weekend by watching TV in the living room, sound enjoyable right? Presenting the TV to the house is the simplest and practical recreational, that you can do at even at home. For houses that have limited space, the TV can be placed in the living room.  No need additional space for TV room, if you can place the TV in the living room. Just sit comfortably or even lying down while watching a TV show will definitely be a fairly stress-relieving entertainment. 

But also pay attention to the right layout of how the living room design with a TV? Where do you need to be able to set up a TV? Check out the full review of the 6 Smart Solutions to Place The TV in Living Room, below!

A TV stand design

A TV stand design is a cheap and easy option to place your TV in the living room. It won't make your living room look cheaper, cause there are tons of great design of TV stand that will make your living room look fabulous. The TV stand about has black and white theme, which looks very harmonious with shades of color in the living room.

A Console Table

A simple console table with an open storage is a great TV place option. You can easily hide cords and wires by placing some decorations on the open storage. A simple console table is large enough to fit a living room-size television. 

TV Wall Mount

Mount your TV over cabinet, incorporate it into a gallery wall. Mount your TV into the wall is a great saving space option. Especially in small space who never had enough space for a large entertainment things.  As a rule a 42'' TV should be mounted about 56 inches from floor to the TV center. 


Another TV Wall Mounting Idea

Mounting a TV to your wall is a good idea. It saves some space and lift the screen up to where people in the whole living room can easily see it. Boost your TV enjoyment by adding a complete surround sound system. Even if it looks small, but you can still look a movie in theatrical sound. 


 Float Your TV

When you decide to float your TV into the wall, make sure to keep the furniture under the TV is neatly arranged. You need to keep the wires kept hidden so it won't disturb the scene in the living room. 

TV as Part of Gallery Wall

We really recommend a floating or mounting TV design in the living room. Besides, it can save some space. It is good to make your living room look lively. A family photo indeed can make the living room feel so warmth. But, adding a floating TV can infuse some good vibe into the living room.

That's all for 6 Smart Solutions to Place The TV in Living Room. Hope some ideas are useful for you.

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