6 Small Studio Apartments with Beautiful Design

Homiful.com --  Studio apartments are quite tricky to decorate, especially within smaller layouts.  Sometimes you have to be smart to set the layout of each room, so as not to look crowded, messy and make you feel claustrophobic. 

Well, if you need to decorate your small studio. Here we present you "6 Small Studio Apartments with Beautiful Design 6 Small Studio Apartments with Beautiful Design". The 6 small studio apartment ideas ideas below will make it easier to live in a studio apartment. Not only is it easy and clutter-free, it also looks stylish and refreshing. Find inspiration in these examples and get ready to turn your tiny place into some super comfy studio apartment.

Small studio apartment with Scandinavian look

Scandinavian look is very typical with a choice of neutral colors such as white, light brown, beige and some natural elements. The Scandinavian style make the living room and kitchen above look more spacious and clean. You can adapt this style at your studio apartments. 


The Fresh Openings

If possible make sure your studio apartment has a door or window facing the balcony to make your room always feel fresh. Even sometimes, you can take a deep of fresh air while enjoy your time in this balcony. 

A Minimalist Bedroom Design

If you want your bedroom not look so crowded, you can say bye-bye to some decorations that you won't need. Even make your bedroom walls look empty won't be a problem, cause remember you have a small studio apartment, too many decorations will make it look so clutter and messy.

A Compact Bathroom

Very cleaver idea to make your tiny bathroom look spacious and airy by adding a large mirror on the wall. The mirror will give you an illusion of spacious room and won't make you feel claustrophobic. 

Bedroom and Nook Design

Mattress setup does not have to be placed in the corner of the room. If you have a large mattress, putting it as an apartment studio center doesn't matter. The corner of the room can be used as a nook place to daydream and relax. 

Living and Kitchen Design

One of the idea to divide living room and kitchen area by choosing a kitchen set with L-shaped design. The cover table will be divider between to room. Another idea is to choose white furnishing in your  small studio in order make the room look clean, clear and spacious.

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