6 Small Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Homiful.com -- There are many ways to make a comfortable small kitchen. You don't have to remodel the whole kitchen. This way certainly cost a lot of budget. You can make some small changes that have a big impact. Such small changes can be done even at minimalist cost. So, what are kitchen ideas (and on budget) to freshen up our small kitchen? Scroll down for a full explanation. 

1. Open shelf for ease of cooking


When cooking, of course we need seasoning to enhance the taste of the dish. You can put an open shelf in the kitchen to store all kitchen spices you need. This open shelf will make it easier for you when you pick up the cooking seasoning you need. 

2. Using kitchen wall stickers


Many people use white ceramic models for their kitchen walls. If you're one of them and you're getting bored with the plain white look, you can coat the kitchen wall kitchen sticker in subway bevel patterns. This sticker completes the look of the this kitchen theme. Beside, the price of kitchen sticker is more affordable than change the structure of your kitchen walls. 

3. Exclude the upper cabinet


Your small kitchen will feel spacious, if you exclude the upper cabinet. After all, the upper cabinet also has a fairly expensive price. You can replace it with a few shelves to put your kitchen appliances. 

4. Kitchen with white theme


The use of white color will make your kitchen fell more airy, bright and clean. You can combine the white kitchen set with a floor with a chessboard pattern. Those combination surely make your kitchen look more attractive. 

5. Windows in the kitchen 


Windows have a vital function in the kitchen. The window will keep your small kitchen bright, dry and not damp. The damp kitchen is easily overgrown with fungi and bacteria, which is bad for health. 

6. Kitchen with pinky look


A small kitchen with a theme that suits our taste will always keep your mood happy. If you're a pink lover, this pink kitchenette design suits you better. You can paint the walls pink and decorate your white cabinets with beautiful pink stickers.

So, it's easy enough to make your small kitchen look neat and attractive. Remember you can make small changes that have a big impact in  your small kitchen. 

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