6 Pictures of Closets with Sliding Doors

Homiful.com -- The selection of closet with sliding doors is one of solution for narrow sized room. Closet with sliding doors can save some space and efficient in terms of size. You don't need any extra space when the closet door is opened. So, it's only natural, if this closet is increasingly chosen and favored by those who have a minimalist house. 

We've also prepared a review of 6 Pictures of Closets with Sliding Doors. Hopefully it can be an alternative choice for those of you who are looking a closet with sliding door.

Closet with Sliding Door for Space Saving Ideas


For a minimalist or limited-sized room space, this closet can be a very appropriate choice.  Even on a small room, this closet occupies the space very fittingly. You don't need an extra space when you need to open the closet door. For extra tips, choose a closet that has a mirror, so your room will look seem larger and spacious enough.

A Stylish Sliding Closet Door


Today, many sliding closet doors come in a wide variety of materials such as wood, aluminum and glass. They can look modern, clean or even have traditional vibe. It has an attractive model and suitable for many kinds of room themes. So, you don't have to worry when choosing the right closet design that look match with the room theme.


 Lightweight and Sturdy Sliding Closet Door Design


A sliding closet door are lightweight and sturdy. So, you don't need to worry about long-term wear-ability. Even the new model has a track system that keep the door in its tracks no matter what.

Affordable Sliding Door Closet


Some closet with sliding doors are priced at an affordable price.  That's why by choosing this closet, it won't make your pocket run out. Besides that, sliding door should be maintained periodically so as not to experience congestion during the opening or closing process. For example by lubricating the rail area, maintaining the cleanliness of the rails and so on. Just make sure that when you lubricate, no part outside the rails is lubricated as it can make your stored clothes dirty.

 Sliding Door Closet with Dresser


There is also a sliding door closet model fitted with a dressing table.  Not only made by custom, now also many assambled closet has dressing table. You can dress up as well as do the make up in your wardrobe space.


 Sliding Door Closet with Exclusive Door Design


Sliding door cabinets have more size options compared to bifold closet door. You can even choose a 2-4 door closet, that suits your needs. A more space also more closet door can be installed. 

Well, sliding door closet also have advantage and disadvantage. You just have to consider whether this closet is suitable or not with the condition of your home. 

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