6 Examples of Modern Farm and Garden Design

Homiful.com -- Designing landscaping around the house is quite easy. You only need to pay attention to the size of the soil, the layout and structure that can all be part of the overall design, and also the absorption area (if your area is rain-prone area). Furthermore, your landscape design should be impressive that's why you must decide on what function and what kind of visual that you want to bring to your landscape area. 

So, here are 6 examples of modern farm and garden design for you, some of  landscaping design is quite easy to adapt in our home.  

1. Creating a fish pond


Love to breed some special fish in the ponds? Then this modern farm and garden design is very suitable for you. The empty area is transformed into fish pond with many fishes. In the same area also placed a chairs and table to enjoy the freshness of the this modern farm and garden. You can enjoy the fresh air while watching the fish swim around. 

2. Farm and garden design - full of natural elements


The design of this modern farm and garden is filled with various natural elements, especially the various plants that grow lushly. You can also grow crops in your front yard. This quite effective, considering that now is very hard to find a large land to have our own garden. Various plants will give a pleasant coolness in the front yard. 

3. Manicured lawn


Lawn with manicured grass are certainly more pleasant to the eye, than allowed to grow wild. Better manicured grass is also safer for children to play.
This modern farm and garden design also good to sunbathe in the morning. 

Garden with Biopore Infiltration Holes


Under the green open space, it's a good idea to build biopore infiltration holes to prevent flooding. Houses that are free from heavy rainwater, will provide comfort and minimize the flood, when the rainy season arrives. 

 Lush plantations


Lush plantations is very effective to make our backyard fresh and shady. You can choose a type of leafy leaf, like Calathea plants that can grow lush. In the outdoor, by placing a set of wooden chairs and table would make the natural vibe grew stronger. 

Creating Various Entertainments


The advantages of having a large farm and garden design is the fresh air that will bring freshness for anyone who's there. Complete the large garden by providing a various entertainments such as rattan hammock, a set for garden parties and others.

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Author : Yeni
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