6 Examples of Beautiful Kitchen Organization

Homiful.com -- If your cooking utensils stored carelessly, it can make the kitchen look so messy. A messy kitchen  will make it difficult for us, especially when it comes to cooking. Not to mention, the incorrect arrangement make the kitchen look crowded. It  takes several ways to make the kitchen look neat. So, here we are presenting 6 examples of beautiful kitchen organization. Some of these tips can be applied for small to large kitchens. 

Single wall kitchen with Horizontal Shelf


For an elongated kitchenette, the arrangement of the kitchen with a single wall model will be very fitting, because the design extends to the shape of the wall. Maximize the empty walls. by installing a horizontal kitchen cabinet to save some space in the kitchen. 

a Kitchen without Upper Cabinet


For an open concept look, you can ditch upper kitchen cabinets. The upper kitchen cabinets take up a lot of space in the room. But, where do we store cookware, other than in the upper kitchen cabinets? For efficiency, we can maximize the lower cabinets. In the wall kitchen, by installing an open shelf in L-shaped make the kitchen look more balanced and not empty dull. 

Maximize every empty space perfectly


Storing utensils in the kitchen also requires tricks. The trick is to arrange the equipment according to your need. Place it in a empty space between the stove and sink for frequently used equipment. While rarely ides equipment can be stored in a hidden area.  

Hang some cookware in the walls


Other tips to have a beautiful kitchen organization is by placing kitchen appliances in an area that is easy to reach. You can hang some cookware in the walls, such as frying pan, pan and spatula. 

And you can choose a kitchen set in pastel color that have a beautiful and elegant design.

U-shaped Kitchen Design


You can choose a kitchen design U-shaped model. This model is quite efficient as to limit the kitchen area to other areas. The divider also be used as the mini bar area that equipped with chandeliers that beautify the kitchen. 

Pay attention to air circulation in the kitchen


Air circulation is very determined comfy kitchen design. So, make sure you put a window or any tools that support better circulation in the kitchen. The windows will make the kitchen feel bright and always dry. Why is it important? Kitchen that do not have better circulation are more prone to growing fungi and bacteria, that's bad for out health.

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