6 Cozy Living Room in Gray in Combination with The Ice Blue

Homiful.com -- Gray is the most popular color in home decor. The gray on the living room gives the impression of a cozy yet timeless look. Gray is a color that can act as canvas in the living room.  It will make it easier to play and combine with other accents.

Gray is a neutral color, you can combine it with the ice blue. The ice blue gives a bright accents into the gray living room. It will make the gray living room won't look dull and boring. So, here it is, we've prepare 6 Cozy Living Room in Gray in Combination with The Ice Blue. 

Bright Living Room in Gray and The Ice Blue


As neutral color, the gray will allow other accent colors to stand out more. When you choose such a soft gray sofa, the ice blue color of the blanket and cushion make the living room look bright and pleasing to the eye. 

Bright Blue and Dark Gray Combination


The ice blue is such bright color, so you need some dark color to make the living room look more balanced. Choose a dark gray sofa in the living room. The dark gray of the sofa may becomes the focal point of the living room.

Cozy Living Room in Gray with The Ice Blue in Curtains

Gray is such color that can give tranquility into the room. Just make sure, you won't get bored in your gray living room. You can apply other color accents, like use such ice blue in the curtains. Other gives you some peace of mind, it's make this living room feel colder and shady.

Cozy Living Room in Gray and (small) Ice Blue Accent


Worried that the gray background will look stiff and feel less passionate? Just combine a gray sofa with the ice blue accents, like the room inspiration above. The ice blue color of the cushion makes this living room not look so gloomy.

Spacious Living Room in Gray in Combination with The Ice Blue


Let's lean comfortably in this living room. All you have to do is provide the lazy sofa in ice blue color. Then, put a rugs in matching colors, so that this living room in gray and ice blue feels more spacious. 

Balanced Composition between Gray and Ice Blue Color


If you combine a gray living room, with an ice blue color, you can combine it with a balanced composition. For example, walls with shades of blue and tables with ice blue color. Similarly, the selection of gray color, looks fitting when applied to sofas and curtains. 

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