6 Bright Living Room Lighting Ideas

6 Bright Living Room Lighting Ideas

Homiful.com -- The right furniture of the design of the living room is certainly and important part of comfort needs to be considered. In addition to sofa, coffee table and also beautiful decoration in it, the living room you need to pay attention to the maximum lighting for a bright impression in it. Well here are 6 bright living room lighting ideas you can try with a variety of different light models more attractive and beautiful.

Downlight in the middle of the room


A simple way yo make the living room in the house brighter by installing downlight lights in the middle of a room like this, in addition you can try to connect minimalist interiors so that the dark impression is avoided. Simple right?

Standing lamp


Aesthetic impression for your living room is to try the standing lights in the corner of the room. In addition to adding brighter lighting with yellow light, you can add some accessories such as fresh or dry plants. Choose a minimalist sofa with more contrasting colors for a more attractive living room design.

Chandelier with natural concept


Living room design earthy tone concept can give the looks darker, to avoid the impression of using lights as a way to increase the lighting more maximally. Use a chandelier with some yellow-lit corners suitable for all-wood interiors like this.

Classic concept lights


If you like the classic style, the design of this living room is cert precise not only with an all-beige interior looks clean. Some other important element is also in the same. Using classing lights in the middle of the room with gold iron adds to the look of a more luxurious space.

Classic concept light with downlight


Two different lights for the living room here try with downlights and classic model lights. You can choose the same color with the dominant shabby interior pink color. Make sure that each corner of the space has maximum light.

Corner light


By maximizing the angle of the room, this living room looks brighter. The the owner combines with white minimalist interior in the wall section in a whole. With different lights between the middle of the room and this angle makes the lighting more maximal and does not cause a dark impression.

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