6 Best Air Purifying Plants for The Home

Homiful.com -- Placing the plants in the home give us such peace of mind, the air around the house also feels fresher. Some plants are proven to be able to purify the air in the room. Many plants produce clean oxygen, so that people who inhale it will feel that the room feels fresh and not stuffy. Some plants are even shown to be able to absorb air toxins that surely bad for the body. So, here it is. We rounded up 6 Best Air Purifying Plants for The Home.

1. Dracaena Marginata


Leafy small and elongated are the main characteristic of this plants. At the end of the leaves ten to have a pointed shape. This plant is very easy to maintain and can be placed indoors, like in your living room. 

2. Chinese Evergreen


This plant is able to clean toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde that are often found in detergents and cosmetics. This Chinese Evergreen can live on plan in a shady place with low lit. 

3. Chrysanthemums


Tired to look at the green leaves? You can choose chrysanthemums as purifying plants for the home. This chrysanthemum has beautiful colors from yellow, white, purple, orange to pink. Chrysanthemums can absorb ammonia, benzene, and formaldehyde in the  air.
Plant chrysanthemums outside, if the flowers are already in bloom you can move them into the room.

4. Monstera


Monstera have a unique leaves that blow your mind. The uniqueness of Monstera is that it releases its oxygen at night. So it is very safe if stored in the living room even the bedroom. 

5. Peach Lily


Peach Lily is able to absorb formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, toluene that's widely found in the air. Peach lily also very easy to maintain, this plant can live in low lit area in your home. 

6. Spider Plants


If you have a pet, this plant has included in the plant that is non-toxic and safe for your pet. You can put it on your desk, or hang it over your office. Spider plants also very easy to take care, you don't need to water it every day.  

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