5 Space Saving Living Room Ideas

5 Space Saving Living Room Ideas

Homiful.com -- Have a living room with small or large size will still be comfortable if the decoration, lighting arrangement and accessories are interesting. Will make the guest comfortable, the living room you can choose with a variety of concepts and styles that suit the owner. Starting from sofas, cabinets and prayer rooms need to be the idea of living room storage space that can be applied.

 Living room with earth tone concept


Warm and cozy atmosphere for the living room you can use the dominant interior of soft chocolate. Insert also with natural decorations such as rattan or living plants. As storage use a cabinet that has minimalist-sized legs in classic style.

Minimalist with rustic style


Focused on the cabinet part, the idea of storage space is quite unique in the shape of a semicircle in the upper design and made of natural wood like basket model. Neat stacking on the inner shelf is enough to fit a variety of electronic furniture and beautiful decorations for a minimalist living room like this.

Brighten style with open concept


Maximum open atmosphere can be obtained form the living room like this. Applying large size windows with curtains, this living room is very sweet form the selection of various decorations with bright colors. Add a functional cabinet to add the impression of more occupied space. 

Living room with unique lighting


Maximum lighting for the living room is very necessary. As lighting and a unique decorative side. This living room ideas uses a lamp with a circle-shaped hood that can reflect light to the ceiling part following the shape of the lamp. Use the open cabinets to fill the room and as a place to decorate the room without the impression of full.

Living room with high walls


To create the illusion of a larger living room, you can choose form the walls and make it higher than usual. Add ventilation so that the impression of openness can also be felt. In addition, you can use a functional table as a cabinet with a lot of storage.

Those are some living room ideas with storage. You can apply at home and use furniture as needed. Good luck and try at home. 

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