13 Best Tiny Kids Room Ideas

Homiful.com -- How nice it is to decorate our children's room. Bright color choices will always give a positive mood to our children, as well as those of us who decorate their rooms.
Decorating the children's room is fun, but keep listening to what they think of the room that they want. Because, bedroom is the most personal space, even for children. But, as an inspiration we've prepared a review about 13 Best Tiny Kids Room Ideas. You can ask your kids, which room design they'll love.

Zebra Wall Ideas

You can make the walls of the children's bedroom, by applying a wall design in zebra pattern. The black and white striped, will make the children's room appear more attractive. 

Pink for Girls

Girls do like pink a lot. Pink is being soft color, this color also gives the impression of a princess to Disney fairy tales. We can combine various shades of pink for children bedroom with charming look.

Single Bed with Colorful Sheets

Single bed design is quite enough for children between the ages of 5-13. You can choose bed sheets with a colorful triangle pattern, to keep the bedroom look cheerful as well as keep children's mood happy. 

Provide a Play Area

The bedroom is not just a room to sleep ini. You also need to provide some space for their playing activities. This arrangments, surely will make our children more like to stay longer their bedroom.

Give your child's favorite decorations

It is not difficult to decorate the children room's. Simply provide decorations that related to their favorite characters. They will loved it. 

Painting on the wall

Another way to give it an aesthetic touch is to paint the walls of kid bedroom with some cartoon object. If necessary, also invite them to decorate and paint the walls. So that, they feel the pleasure of decorating their own bedroom.

Doubled Bed For Twins

When you have twin children, you can choose a double bed in their bedroom. Twin doesn't mean all they have in same pattern. Try to talk with them and let them choose what kind of decoration, they want to display in their own space. 

Ceiling decoration

Ceiling is the most frequently overlooked area. Whereas when the child falls asleep, many of them face the ceiling. As to make it look better, you can paint the ceiling in gray color that looks matching with the room theme. 

Lamp Decoration

The lamp not only for lighting, but also it can serves as decoration. Such decorative lamp will make kid room feel more warm and cozy. 

Room Curtains

For security and privacy, somehow we need to put a curtain in the windows. To do so, you can choose a curtain in children favorite character. 

Colorful Kid Room for Happy Mood

Coloration can give some cheerful and happy mood to kids room. Apply the colorful pattern in some fabric furnishings like the bed sheet or even the doll.

Open Shelf as Kid Storage

Try to place an open shelf in kids bedroom. The open shelf can be used as place to keep their book even their favorite dolls. 

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