This Is The Easiest Indoor Plant To Grow -- The trend of ornamental plants as room decoration is increasingly popular among the public. Because ornamental plants are able to provide a refreshing atmosphere to your home. In addition, indoor plants can make the interior of the house become more lively and beautiful. Well this time we will discuss what are the indoor plants that are easy to apply to the room. Let's check out he review below.

Beautiful living room design with sanseviera trifasciata plants

Indoor plant by : @homamemoo

Sansevieria trifasciata is a type of ornamental plant that is easy to maintain and can also be used as an air purifier. This plant has a vertical shape so it is suitable to be placed in the corner of a small living room. Sansevieria trifasciata can grow in variety of light conditions but is best placed in a place that is not exposed to sunlight.

Beautiful room with anthurium andraeanum plants

Indoor plant by : @artciel

Anthurium andraeanum has a thin stem shape. This plant is suitable to be placed indoors because it can not be put in direct sunlight. Anthurium andraeanum shoulld be in a room that ha a normal humidity. Do not put it in a room that uses air conditioner because it will make it dry.

The room looks aesthetically pleasing with cactus plants

Indoor plant by : @inathursina80

Cactus plants are already popular with their very easy treatment. Cactus plants can store water and grow at varying temperatures. This plant is perfect for those of you who do not have to much time to take care of plants. Having a variety of forms makes it very popular among the public. Cactus gives an aesthetic impression on the corner of a minimalist house.

The family room feels comfortable with philodendron plants

Indoor plant by : @livingroom.iddea

Suitable indoor plants are placed in the next room, namely philodendron. Philodendron plants became very popular because the have a unique shape. This plant also has variety of sizes that you can choose according to your needs, by placing philodendron in the family room will provide a refreshing atmosphere when you gather with your beloved family. 

Indoor garden that makes the atmosphere cool at home

Indoor plant by : @wian.home

Do you have any space in the house? You can use it to make it as a minimalist garden that provides a cool atmosphere  at home. There ae various types of plants that you can put in the house as in the picture are golden pothos, philodendron and etc. Golden pothos are a type of vines, you can place them on the wall to give a beautiful impression. Another name for this plant is devil's vine because its durability is very strong.

So that's some indoor plants you can apply at your home. From some of the plants above, are there any of your favorite plants?

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Author : Hafsah

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