The Top 6 Bathroom Design Trends on Instagram -- The design of a comfortable bathroom and has a good appearance can improve your mood when you wake up in the morning. It takes your creativity to organize the bathroom interior to be neatly arranged and can be used comfortably.
To help you decorate your bathroom, here we will present some of the top 6 bathroom deign trends on instagram. Let's check out the review below.

Minimalist bathroom with natural feel

Bathroom by : @ahk.myhome

The first bathroom design we will discuss has a cool appearance with the presence of plants.  Having a bathroom with a natural feel is everyone's dream. It has a beautiful appearance and also looks at the bathroom design above. Using the interior of the room dominated by white color gives a spacious impression on the bathroom above. Combined with a beautiful green color on ornamental plants look very beautiful.

Bathroom design with frameless glass panels

Bathroom by : @citraki

To make the bathroom look cramped you can use light colors on the interior. In addition to using bathroom curtains, you can apply frameless glass panels as a barrier to the shower area and toilet area. By using transparent glass can give the room a more relieved look.

Bathroom design with multifugsi furniture

Bathroom by : @hauzz_of_dyla

Do you have limited space in the bathroom? To get around it you can use multifunctional furniture. For example, as in the picture that uses a sink with a small cabinet underneath that you can use as a storage place for other toiletries.
The use of different colors on one of the walls also gives a more roomy visual effect.

Bathroom design with mirror

Bathroom by : @m0mscrib

The trick to make the bathroom look spacious is to install a large mirror. The use of mirrors at the same time can provide reflections of light coming from the lamp. The use of mirrors in the bathroom also gives an aesthetic impression. The use of mirror frames with gold color gives the impression of luxury and expensive.

Minimalist bathroom design with shower

Bathroom by : @rumah_ve

If you have a bathroom with a size that is not too big you can use a shower that is not too consuming.
There are various types of shower options that you can choose according to your needs. The above bathroom design uses a built in shower type attached to the bathroom wall.

Desain kamar mandi dengan matt floor warna-warni

Bathroom by : @vivinevia

The final design has an attractive appearance with the use of a colorful matt floor. Use matt floor to prevent you from slipping. You can add coral rocks to give your bathroom a more natural feel. In order not to be too full you can choose furniture with a size that is not too big.

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