Stylish Kitchen Shelf Ideas and You Will Be Amazed -- Kitchen shelves have an important function. Of course, kitchen shelf can be used to put kitchen spices, thus facilitating our cooking agenda. Kitchen shelves are also used to put dining furniture. In addition, kitchen shelves are also often be used to display some decorations that beautify the kitchen. 
With some benefit of the kitchen shelf, it's good idea to change our boring kitchen shelf into stylish one. Check out the review about Stylish Kitchen Shelf Ideas and You Will Be Amazed, below:

Built-in Kitchen Shelf


One of stylish kitchen shelf is made in built into the wall-style. This kind of kitchen shelf maximize every space in the kitchen so well, so our tiny kitchen won't look too crowded. You can put some sugar, coffee, salt and other spices that easy to take when you need to. 

L-shaped Kitchen Shelf


L-shaped kitchen shelf is best idea to optimize wall corner that look so empty. You can choose a panel as kitchen shelf to put some cooking ware even decoration like plants on there. 

Unique Kitchen Shelf


Kitchen without upper cabinet is more airy and look cozy. But when you need to place for your cooking space, you can install one or two stacking kitchen shelf, like the one above. The kitchen shelf have unique shaped, that also add some visual appealing to the kitchen. 

Built into the Cabinet Kitchen Shelf


Other than using kitchen shelves affixed to the wall, you can use a bottom kitchen shelf. This kind of kitchen shelf is made built into the bottom cabinet. On there you can put your sauce, soy oil even box for what ever you need. It's have display look, that easy to reach when we need that spices. 

Kitchen Shelf for Balancing Look


When you decide a kitchen without upper cabinet, make sure you choose this kind of kitchen shelf. This kitchen shelf will make your wall kitchen not look empty, but it will look more balance and neat. 

Vintage Kitchen Shelf


When you love a vintage stylish, choose this stylish kitchen shelf and display it on your kitchen. This kitchen shelf is made by wooden material that give some warm ambience. And we suggest to complement the look by choosing a vintage crucible so it will look aesthetic. 

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