Small Patio for a Dreamy Outdoor Oasis

Small Patio for a Dreamy Outdoor Oasis -- When winter has passed it's time to enjoy a fresh summer all day at home. One area you can use is the patio by looking at the small stars in the sky at night. Breath the heat while enjoying the orange squash that is relieved.

Here are some beautiful patio decorations that are charming and make you appetizing to enjoy with your beloved family at home. 

Dream patio design

1. Minimalist but warm


The warm atmosphere of the back patio part of the house looks open. A bean bag with a synthetic  grass base that visually wraps around this area is more fun.

2. Beautiful fur sunbathing


An important part when entering summer is to feel that smell of the sun entering the body. Enjoy a glass of orange juice after swimming the crouch in the gazebo behind the house.

3. Tropical patio that you want


This one design provides different visuals. Tropical impression of vertical garden with long wooden benches. You can put some cushions enough to lay down when tired struck.

4. Working at home is more enjoyable 


Pandemic requires many offices to close and work at home only. New atmosphere you can get from this patio that is cool and beautiful. Wooden chairs and tables at a computer screen with a cup of coffee that makes the eyes look wide,

5. Open bohemian, exclamation point!


Bohemian concepts with striking color gradations in some cushions should you tune the squealy and slightly whimpering season. Enjoy the night by staring at the star with your love can you try from the patio behind this house.

Are you ready tor try the patio design of your dreams? It could be that the design above is one of your dreams to enjoy your own time and gather with family.

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Author      : Lynda
Editor       : Munawaroh
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