Pretty Pink House Ideas


Pretty pink house -- Polish the house with a spectrum of pink color that makes the heart pounding, of course you can do. Pink accessories can certainly be added with a fairly large color gradation. So that the impression of beautiful and sweet is tiny.

You can explore pink not only on the facade of the house or the interior of the room. Also show the furniture to produce a beautiful and sweeter decoration. 

And here are pretty pink house ideas that you can try for your minimalist home!

Minimalist house facade

Not just for home interiors only. Pink color is very pretty for the exterior of the house. Make the terrace more cozy and fun. With e neutral white combination gives the impression of minimalism for the house.

Beautiful terrace house with plants

Dominated by pink, this terrace is very admirable. Played in white for door and windows frame, pink remains striking and looks more charming.

A lounge that makes you feel like a princess

The lounge in this house will be very pleasant if you master it. Impressed like a princess, a luxurious chair like  royal princess with a dominant pink color. Aesthetic touches and dry plants make this space feel elegant.

Living room that feel luxurious

Luxury impression can also be applied to this living room. Use classic interior lamps matching between sofa furniture and fur carpets. Pink color that makes the terrace of this room is greatly helped by the LED around the ceiling.

Bedroom with soft pink gradient

Soft touch and comfortable terrace from this room. Soft pink bed cover with a bed frame that is quite contrasting makes you will sleep in this room more comfortable.

Crowded minimalist kitchen

The atmosphere can affect you when cooking for the family. By still equating the interior of the room, this kitchen gives a touch of pink color to make the space feel more spacious.

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Author : Lynda
Editor : Munawaroh
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