Living Room Curtains Ideas For A Pretty Home -- Do you have plans to change the living room curtains, but still do not know what model will be replaced with? You don't have to worry, because this time we'll talk about some inspiring living room curtains ideas for a pretty home.

There are many design of models and curtain materials that you can choose a needed. Here's a review of some charming curtains that your can use as a reference to decorate your living room.

Living room curtains with beautiful motifs

Living room by : @dysavitri

When you choose curtains for a minimalist living room. First you can choose a color theme for your living room. Adjust to the pattern and color of the curtains with the color of the sofa and cushion the living room to look in harmony. Avoid over-selecting motifs to create a more spacious impression.

Combing minimalist curtains with vitrase

Living room by : @ji_wiwi

There are a variety of curtain options that you can choose according tou your needs. For a minimalist living room design you can combine it with vitrase that will make the look more beautiful
Vitrase is a thinner more transparent part of the window curtain

Simpe living room curtain design looks beautiful

Living room by : @m_indriani

The choice of colors on the curtains is simple according to the concept of a minimalist room. Use classic colors lie brown and gold. Give the impression of luxury and illusion more spacious to the room. You can also adjust the furniture to the room.

Simpe living room curtain design looks beautiful

Living room by : @m_indriani

For the selection of curtain materials, you can adjust to the needs of your living room. If your living room is entered by sunlight, then choosing curtain with blackout material can be a solution so that it does not feel hot.

Charming curtain design with floral straps

Living room by : @renirenyyuliana

The design of the last living room curtains has an elegant appearance with white color that align with the concept of living room. The use of white lor i the living room is able to give a spacious impression on the room.
Simple curtain design looks attractive with the use of blue flower-shaped curtain straps.

Well that's some curtain design that can beautify your home. Which of the above designs is your favorite design?

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